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Treatments £50 per hour

  • Full Body Treatments
  • Back Neck & Shoulders
  • Hips & Legs
  • Headache & Stress Relief
  • Relief from Sports Injury
  • Stretch Release Therapy
  • Relief from general aches & pains

Available Treatments

General Treatments

Have the treatment which suits your needs.

You can target specific areas, e.g. shoulders, arms, back, neck, hips, legs or address 'after-ache', related to an exercise class or your training regime.

Likewise with general aches and pains resulting from work conditions, D.I.Y and gardening etc.

Stretch Release Therapy

This integrated therapy combines massage with stretching to effectively target areas of injury to promote recovery, maintaining balance and strength to the muscles.

All too often a sports person will put up with aches and pains that go along with their personal training routine, which in turn can condition them to also put up with injuries.

No matter how small, this is largely considered to be unnecessary by most athletes of today who use massage as part of their training regime.

This therapy is also ideal for people who are trying to improve their range of  movement.

Where is your pain?

Finding out and addressing the route causes of the pain will help to provide long term relief whilst at the same time paying attention to the immediate affected area(s).

'The therapy treatments at T.R.M ensure that your body gets treated as a whole and not as individual parts'


Back Pain

Although people aquire back pain in various ways, sudden trauma, degeneration of muscle or disc, in many cases it may be due to muscle imbalances within the body. This is not always directly in the back itself but may be traced to other areas like the hips and legs.


Neck Pain

Besides the immediate discomfort, neck pain may cause, nausea, head aches and generally make you feel tense and stressed. Direct and effective treatments will often lead to a pain free neck.


Shoulder Pain

This area is where a lot of people begin to carry their stress and strain. The phrase 'with the weight of the world on your shoulders' rings particularly true here. Treatments to the upper back and surrounding areas prove very effective in relieving pain here.


Hip / Leg Pain

Muscles which can cause pull and tilt in this area can be rebalanced, relaxed, and strengthened, taking pressure out of the lower back, along with relieving sciatic pain.

What are the benefits of massage?

Whether you are an active sports person, or someone with a hectic life style, our bodies endure a great deal, normally without much complaint, but there are times when we need to take time out, unwind and address those signals from our bodies that we've put on hold.

As well as being greatly beneficial for relief from aches and pains, massage will improve circulation and aid injury recovery time by prompting the body's self-healing mechanisms.

Massage also helps to remove toxins from the body, thus reducing pain and the onset or general feeling of fatigue, this in turn will promote a sense of well-being.
Regular treatment helps re-balance the bodies systems to maintain a healthy life style, detecting the minor problems can often prevent the major one's occurring.

About Lee

I have studied the function and movement of the body in-depth for over 30 years through, performing and teaching Karate, which currently I do as chief instructor for the British Karate Academy, Derby Karate Academy and formerly as head coach for the England Wado-Kai Karate Squad.

This appreciation of what our bodies endure during training activities, as well as in our daily working lives, you will find is reflected in my holistic approach to my therapy treatments.

Please note I am not available for treatments Fri-Sun.

What people say...

I was recommended to Lee nearly two years ago after struggling with numerous chronic health problems since 2000. Together with his professional and friendly attitude, Lee has the ability to tailor the treatments to suit my needs, which previous therapists have struggled with. Since attending regular treatments my wellbeing has greatly improved. My long term aim will be to continue with Lee for maintenance and prevention.


Littleover, Derby

For years I have suffered back pain and sciatica brought about by years of lifting and manoeuvring in awkward positions at work as a health professional (before the days of “Health and Safety” and Manual Handling Regulations!)

Nearly two years ago, I decided to try TRM. Not only has my back, neck and shoulders improved greatly, I was also given exercises to do for my sciatica, which thankfully has
not recurred since. 

I now look forward to my regular massages in a friendly but professional setting and would happily recommend the treatments to anyone in the same situation.


Littleover, Derby

TRM reduced my injury time by half and in the process helped to develop my range of movement. As a martial artist and a triathlete, my body undergoes a lot of strain and so it has been paramount for me to have the assistance of TRM to maintain peak health condition. The knowledge of the staff at TRM is excellent and they are able to tailor specific rehabilitation programmes for specific needs.



I came to Lee because I'd suffered with a back complaint for some years related to playing football. The injury would flare up every 3 months and leave me hobbling around for around a week. Lee worked on the locked joint and together with advice on exercises to keep it free, the injury cleared up quickly. I now visit Lee monthly to  prevent any repetition.



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